Sierra SATA Traffic Generator

Sierra SATA Traffic Generator

The Sierra M6-2 & M6-4 platform provides a 6Gbps SATA Traffic Generator option. The script-based traffic generator gives engineers the ability to control the SATA traffic stream down to the bit level, including flexibility for changing OOB waveforms, programmatically delaying handshake primitives, and transmitting user-defined data patterns for customized testing throughout the design process.

Using previously recorded SATA traffic files (.SATA) it's possible to export either host or device side transmissions to the generator file format. This allows validation engineers to easily recreate problems reported in the field using a trace file. Any sequence of SATA packets captured with the Sierra analyzer can be edited and then played back as a test pattern using the Sierra traffic generator.

Sierra also offers a text-based API for creating scripts from the ground up. This mode is ideal for performing corner-case, stress and limit testing. It can also be used to validate protocol compliance and fault handling by injecting code violations, CRC, scrambling and protocol errors, or customized data payloads.sata_emulation.png

SATA "handshaking" are global settings that allow the Sierra to automatically reply to out-of-band, speed negotiation signals, HOLD, XRDY, RRDY and other primitives. When enabled in a script, they allow the Sierra to independently respond to bus events that require low-latency handshakes. The scripting API provides full control for adding delay to automatic handshaking to help validate state machine transitions on the DUT. The Traffic Generator also supports unlimited levels of IF-THEN-ELSE logic which can be added to a script and allow the exerciser to conditionally respond to inbound frames or data patterns. This expands the range of tests that can be completed with Sierra by enabling longer exchanges with larger test configurations.