Sierra SATA Host and Device Emulation

Sierra SATA Host and Device Emulation


Teledyne LeCroy's Sierra and STX platforms are the only test systems that are capable of emulating SATA traffic up to 6Gb/s. The Sierra can emulate either the host or device side, enabling developers to accelerate their product cycles ahead of industry-wide adoption. Without other devices to test interoperability, designers are left to develop expensive and resource-consuming in-house platforms that rarely cover the full spectrum of testing needed. With the Sierra, engineers have a complete turnkey test system that can be used with a large, pre-programmed library of test scripts, or easily create customized tests for their specific product.

For complete product testing at the protocol level, the Sierra's Host emulator can run at 1.5G, 3G, or 6G line speeds and automatically perform CRC generation, 8b/10b encoding, and data scrambling. Link layer protocol exchanges, handshaking, OOB sequencing, and retry conditions are handled automatically, but can also be manipulated to create various error scenarios, such as speed negotiation window (SNW) failures, buffer over/under run, CRC errors, and timeout conditions. The Host emulator can be operated at the command, frame and primitive levels.sata_hostgenerator.png

Serial ATA Protocol Compliance

The Sierra features an option for the integrated Serial ATA (SATA) Compliance Test Suite. Testing includes support for disk drives, including HDD, SSD, ATAPI and M.2 based SATA drives. Areas addressed by the Compliance Test Suite include Asynchronous Signal Recovery (ASR), Interface Power Management (IPM), General Test Requirements (GTR), Software Settings Preservation (SSP), and Native Command Queuing (NCQ). The SATA (target side) Compliance Tests are ratified for logo testing by the SATA-IO Compliance Working Group.

The SATA Compliance Test Suite is fully automated and can be used for regression testing. After the test suite has completed running, a report is generated with test results. Traces are saved for all tests such that the end-user can verify potential design issues. The SATA Compliance Test Suite can is an optional feature for the Sierra M6-2 or M6-4 platforms.