Sierra SATA Error Injector (InFusion™)

Sierra SATA Error Injector (InFusion™)

Building on the capabilities of the industry's first SAS/SATA error injection system, the InFusion™ option for the Sierra M6-2 & M6-4 platforms can programmatically alter or corrupt traffic for both SATA 6G and SAS 6G protocols. Fully integrated within the Sierra analyzer, Infusion is designed to create faulty link conditions while the analyzer records the real response from the system under test. The InFusion solution is the ideal tool for stress testing systems while running real traffic and actual workloads.

Powerful Error Injection and Traffic Modification Abilities
Once the Sierra InFusion system has been added to a SAS or SATA link, it automatically passes the boot up sequence and preserves protocol handshaking between devices. It silently monitors the line while transmitting a faithful copy of the original data stream. The system will wait for a specific time interval or a specific event before it begins modifying frames or injecting errors. The InFusion system can be configured to send a single error, multiple errors, or random errors.

When changing fields within a frame, the Sierra InFusion traffic modifier will preserve the outbound frame structure, including recalculating the CRC if needed. The response transmitted from the device-under-test will pass through the Sierra system, without modification. This allows true end-to-end system testing.

Use Jammer and Analyzer simultaneously
The Sierra Infusion system can operate on up to four SAS or SATA links simultaneously using the M6-4 platform (two links on the M6-2). Most users will elect to use the Sierra analyzer simultaneously to capture traffic after the error is injected to verify recovery (not required). The Flexport feature allows "Analyzer-Jammer-Analyzer" (AJA) mode where the analyzer captures traffic both before and after the error over a single host-device connection.

Flexible and Easy to Use
In just minutes, an easy-to-use pop up menu interface makes it easy to create test scenarios. Any primitive, FIS or data pattern can be intercepted and changed to a user defined pattern. From dropping entire packets, to changing any field within a frame, the Infusion system can create data integrity or simple handshaking errors. This allows for unprecedented corner case and protocol level stress testing for SAS and SATA traffic.sata-infusion.png

The Sierra InFusion system is designed to modify traffic between a real host and target, which better reflects real world operating conditions compared to script based emulation. Jammer test scenarios are independent of the hardware setup and rarely need to be tuned for different configurations. Saved test scenarios can be recalled making it easy to re-verify recovery behaviors during regression testing of software or firmware.

Sophisticated error injection strategies are now possible using dual sequencers with up to 256 sequential wait states per sequence. Each state can be configured to check for different conditions or inject different errors before branching to the next state. Looping allows the error injection sequence to repeat at specific intervals. Each sequential state can also include timers and counters to better isolate specific link conditions.

A Comprehensive Solution for SAS and SATA
Teledyne LeCroy's SAS and SATA solutions provide the advanced features needed to deliver the most reliable and robust storage solutions available. By combining the functionality of the Sierra Analyzer, Traffic Generator, and Error Injector, users can perform comprehensive, end-to-end verification of storage subsystems.