Thunderbolt Test Solutions

Thunderbolt Test Solutions

The ultimate in performance: Four channel performance at 20 GHz is pristine with exceptional rise time, overshoot, total and random jitter noise floor, and electrical noise performance.
Key Features
  • Exceptional 20Ghz, 25Ghz or 30Ghz signal integrity performance
  • Labmaster oscilloscopes provide up to 20 channels or up to 45Ghz bandwidth
  • Superior serial data analysis with SDA II software
  • Eye Doctor(TM) II Advanced Signal Integrity Tools
  • SPARQ(TM) provides up to 12-port S-paramater measurement with one button push
  • Industry's first and only Protocol Aware BER test system
  • Capability of cross-interaction and single control of all test equipments
  • Upgradeable and expandable solutions
Thunderbolt® Technology

Thunderbolt is the I/O technology developed by Intel® and runs at 10 Gb/s. Formerly called Light Peak® it is first brought to market by Apple on its latest Macbook Pro®. It is a bidrectional electrical link with packetized traffic containing PCI Express and DisplayPort protocols. With the high available bandwidth, Thunderbolt® opens up new avenues for development of high speed peripherals using a common interface.

Teledyne LeCroy's Leadership in Thunderbolt

Teledyne LeCroy's SDA 825Zi-A with 2-channels of 25 GHz real time bandwidth is ideally suited to capture the fifth harmonic of the 10 Gb/s data rates of Thunderbolt. The SDA 825Zi-A can also be used as four channel oscilloscope with 20 GHz real time bandwidth to test the multi lane architecture of Thunderbolt. Optionally, Teledyne LeCroy also has a 20-channel/20 GHz or 10-channel/30Ghz LabMaster which liberates the test engineer from the channel limits imposed by traditional two or four channel oscilloscopes.