Probe Accessories Kit
T3SA3000-NFP Набор для тестирования на ЭМС для анализаторов спектра серии T3SA3000
LPA-SMA-A Pro-Link to SMA Adapter, new style
L2.92A-PBUS 2.92mm to ProBus Probe Adapter
L2.92A-PLINK 2.92mm to ProLink Probe Adapter
405400003 Probe Offset Pin
PP005-ST8 Probe Spring Tip (0.8mm diameter tip)
PP005-ST38 Probe Spring Tip (0.38mm diameter tip)
PP005-RT Probe Rigid Tip V2A
PP005-HOOK Probe Sprung Hook - (black)
PP005-GLPT Probe Ground Lead (short sp probe tip)
PP005-GL22 Probe Ground Lead (22 cm)
PP005-GL11 Probe Ground Lead (11 cm)
PP005-BNC Probe Tip to BNC adapter
PP001/002-3 Probe Sprung Hook PP001 & PP002
PP001/002-2 Probe Tip to BNC adapter
PP001/002-1 Probe Ground Lead PP001 & PP002
PKIT4-5MM-101 Standard Accessory Replacement Kit for PP017/PP018
PK704 Micro Clip Kit
PK703 SMD Adapter Kit
PK702 Advanced Adapter Kit
PK701 Basic Adapter Kit
PK600ST-2 Replacement resistor kit for D600ST-QC
PK600ST-1 Replacement resistor kit for D600ST-SI
PK500PT-1 Replacement probe tip for D500PT (pkg of 2)
PK350ST-1 Replacement resistor kit for D350ST-SI
PK30X-5 Banana Spade Terminals, 1-Red and 1-Blue
PK30X-4 Banana Clamp Clips, 1-Red and 1-Blue
PK30X-3 Banana Jaw Clips, 1-Red and 1-Blue
PK30X-2 Banana Alligator Clips, 1-Red and 1-Blue
PK30X-1 Banana Hook Clips, 1-Red and 1-Blue
PK116-3 Probe Ground Pin
PK116-2 Probe Ground Lead
PK116-1 Probe Sprung Hook
PK116 Spare Probe Accessory Kit for PP006
PK111 ZD replacement kit
PK106-8 Probe 0.5mm clip (yellow)
PK106-6 Probe M/F lead - short (2'')
PK106-5 Probe M/F lead - long (4'')
PK106-4 Probe Tip to PCB adapter
PK106-3 Probe 0.5mm clip (orange)
PK106-2 Single Lead Adapter
PK106-1 Dual Lead Adapter
PK106 PK106
PK104-2 Probe Hook
PK104-1 Probe Ground Lead
pk104 Accessory Kit for PPE20kV
PK103 Accessory Kit for PPE1.2kV, 2kV, 4kV, 5kV & 6kV
PK102 Standard Accessories for PP005
PK101 Microclip Accessories for PP005
PK033 Probe Accessories for AP033/34
PK007-031 BNC adapter
PK007-030 High Frequency Compensated Ground Lead.
PK007-029 Ground Lead with 4 mm Plug
PK007-028 Ground Lead with 2 mm Plug
PK007-027 Ground Lead with 0.8 mm socket
PK007-026 Ground Lead with Mini Clip
PK007-025 Probe Tip Ground Lead with Alligator Clip
PK007-024 Probe Tip Ground Lead with 0.8 mm Socket
PK007-023 Input Adapter with 4 mm plug
PK007-022 Input Adapter with 2 mm plug
PK007-021 Mini Clip, Short
PK007-020 Mini Clip, Long
PK007-019 Pico Hook
PK007-018 Dual Lead Adapter
PK007-015 PCB Adapter PKG. of 25
PK007-014 Copper Foil
PK007-013 Ground Blade
PK007-012 IC Cap, 1.2 mm Pitch (black)
PK007-011 IC Cap, 1.0 mm Pitch (brown)
PK007-010 IC Cap, 0.8 mm Pitch (gray)
PK007-009 IC Cap, 0.065 Pitch (blue)
PK007-008 IC Cap, 0.05 Pitch (green)
PK007-007 Insulating Cap
PK007-006 Coding Rings (package of 8)
PK007-005 Spring Tip
PK007-004 Rigid Tip
PK007-003 Adjustment Tool
PK007-002 Standard ground lead for PP0x7 Series
PK007-001 Sprung Hook for PP0x7 Series
PK006-3 Probe 0.5mm clip (black and red)
PK006-2 Single Lead Adapter
PK006-1 Dual Lead Adapter
PK006 Probe Accessories Kit
PK003 Probe Accessories Kit
PK-ZS4000 ZS4000 Standard Accessory Pack
PK-ZS-025 Quad Flat Pack IC Clip Pair (Yellow/Green) (Qty.1 Pair)
PK-ZS-024 2.54mm PCB Adapter - ZS4000 (Qty.10)
PK-ZS-023 Straight Pin (long) - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK001 Probe Accessories Kit
PK-ZS-022 Straight Pin (short) - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-021 Ground Blade (narrow) - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-020 Pogo Ground Lead - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-019 Freehand Probe Holder - ZS4000 (Qty.1)
PK-ZS-018 2.54mm Sq.Pin Adaptor - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-017 Pogo Tip - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-016 Offset Ground - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-015 Ground Blade (wide) - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-014 Y Lead Adaptor - ZS4000 (Qty.4)
PK-ZS-010 Color Coding Rings
PK-ZS-009 Copper Pad
PK-ZS-008 Ground Blade
PK-ZS-007R Sprung Hook Red
PK-ZS-007B Sprung Hook Black
PK-ZS-006 Right-Angle Connector
PK-ZS-005 Y Lead Adapter
PK-ZS-004 Long Lead
PK-ZS-003 Short Lead
PK-ZS-002 Offset Ground
PK-ZS-001 Straight Probe Tip
PK-ZS Replacement Accessory Kit for ZS Series Probes
PACC-ZD009 Micro pogo pin tips for ZD differential probeQty 6
PACC-ZD008 Replacement Leadset for ZD200
PACC-ZD007 Replacement Accessory kit for ZD200
PACC-ZD006 Small IC adapter for ZD differential probeQty 2
PACC-ZD005 Swivel tip adapter for ZD differential probeQty 1
PACC-ZD004 Tip saver for ZD differential probeQty 2
PACC-ZD003 Long spring ground for ZD differential probeQty 2
PACC-ZD002 Solder-in lead for ZD differential probeQty 2
PACC-ZD001 Y lead Adapter for ZD differential probesQty 1
PACC-PT005 Probe Bent Sharp Tip
PACC-PT004 Probe SMD Discrete Tip
PACC-PT003 Probe IC Lead Tip
PACC-PT002 Probe Sharp Tip
PACC-PT001 Probe Straight Tip
PACC-MS003 High Frequency Cartridge for HFP Series Probes
PACC-MS002 Replaceable Cartridge for HFP Series Probes
PACC-LD006 Long Single Lead
PACC-LD004 Long Right Angle Lead
PACC-LD003 Short Right Angle Lead
PACC-LD002 Square Pin Ground Spring
PACC-LD001 Ground Sprung Hook
PACC-CL001 Probe Microclip (0.5 mm pitch)
PACC-CD009 IC Ground Blade
PACC-CD008 Bendable Pogo Ground
Dx20-Cable-HiTemp Replacement 30" matched cable set for use with Dx20 HiTemp Solder tip leadset
PACC-CD007 Solder-in Ground
Dx10-Cable-HiTemp Replacement 30" matched cable set for use with Dx10 HiTemp Solder tip leadset
OE695G-REFCAL OE695G Reference Cal (1ch)
ME-15 1.5 meter Module Extender Cable
LPA-SMA-KIT-A Kit of Pro-Link to SMA Adapter, new style
Dx20-SI-HiTEMP Replacement Solder tip leadset for use with D620/D320 and temperature extension cables
Dx10-SI-HiTEMP Replacement Solder tip leadset for use with D610/D310 and temperature extension cables
PK-HVA-05 Replacement Spade Terminals for High Voltage Differential Probe
PK-HVA-04 Replacement Long Alligator Clips for High Voltage Differential Probe
PK-HVA-03 Replacement Hook Clips for High Voltage Differential Probe
PK-HVA-02 Replacement Pincer Clips for High Voltage Differential Probe
PK-HVA-01 Replacement Alligator Clips for High Voltage Differential Probe
PK-HV-001 Accessory kit for High Voltage Differential Probe
PK-HV-002 PK-HV-002
CALKIT-OSL 3.5 mm Coaxial Calibration Kit (includes Open, Short, and 50 ohm reference standards)
QL-SI-1PACK Single replacement QuickLink Solder-In tip
QL-SI-9PACK 9-pack of replacement QuickLink Solder-In tips
AP-1M 1 MOhm Adapter
PK1-5MM-134 Ground Lead 22mm
PK1-5MM-133 Safety alligator clip red
PK1-5MM-132 Flexible adapter 5.0-L to 4 mm
PK1-5MM-131 Adjustment tool
PK1-5MM-130 Sprung hook 5.0-L
PK1-5MM-129 Protection Cap 5.0-L
PK1-5MM-128 Insulating cap 5.0-L
PK1-5MM-127 BNC adapter 5.0-L
PK1-5MM-126 Spring Tip 0.8 mm
PK1-5MM-125 Solid Tip 0.8 mm
Probe Kits
Probe accessories are supplied as kits for the various probe models and can be purchased separately.

The table below lists the contents of each kit and the probes with which it is compatible.

SMT Kits
Teledyne LeCroy introduces two new SMT probe kits PK006 and PK106 to allow the user to connect the probes to standard IC test clips (QFP or SOIC) or directly on chip pins using clips included.

Teledyne LeCroyOrdering No. PK001 PK003 PK004 PK006 PK101 PK102 PK103 PK106
ProbeCompatibility PP002 PP062 AP020 AP020 PP005 PP005 PPE1.2KV PP005
SpringHook 1 1 1 1 1
GroundLead 1 1 1 2 3
BNCAdapter 1 1 1 1 1
GroundBayonet 3 3 3 1
ICInsulating Tip 1 1 1 1 1
SingleLead Adaptor 1 1 1 1 1
MiniClip 0.8mm pitch (red) 1 1
MiniClip 0.8mm pitch (black) 1
QFPICClip 1300mm 0.5mm pitch 1
QFPICClip 0.5mm pitch 4 1 4
DualLead Adaptor 1 1 1
Male/FemaleLead 4" 2 2 2
Male/FemaleLead 2" 2 2 2
MiniClip 0.5mm (black) 1
MiniClip 0.5mm (red) 1
ColorTag Orange 2 2
ColorTag White 2 2
ScrewDriver 1 1 1 1
StraightTip 1 5
SpringTip 0.8mm 5 5
SpringTip 0.38mm 5
CrocodileClip 4
ProbeTip to PCB Adaptor 1