Оптоэлектрические преобразователи

Оптоэлектрические преобразователи

Широкополосные многомодовые опто-электрические преобразователи Teledyne LeCroy предназначены для измерения сигналов оптической связи. Широкий диапазон рабочих длин волн и вход с поддержкой многомодовых сигналов
делают эти устройства идеально подходящими для оптических приложений, включая Gigabit Ethernet и Fibre Channel, а также SONET/SDH до 11,3 Гбит/с.
OE555 Long wavelength O/E converter
OE695G Optical to Electrical Converter
OE6250G-M O-E converter, 25 GHz Bessel-Thomson response, 36 GHz flat response
OE525 Short wavelength O/E Converter (500-870 nm)
OE455 Long wavelength O/E Converter (950-1630 nm)
OE425 Short wavelength O/E Converter (500-870 nm)

Leading Specifications

  • Frequency range to 5 GHz (6 GHz optical)
  • 62.5 µm multi-mode fiber input
  • Broad wavelength range:
    • 500 nm – 870 nm (OE425 and OE525)
    • 950 nm – 1630 nm (OE455 and OE555)
  • High responsivity: 1.1 V/mW
  • Low noise: 1.1 µW rms

These wide-band multi-mode optical to-electrical converters are designed for measuring optical communications signals. Their broad wavelength range and multimode input optics make these devices ideal for applications including Gigabit Ethernet and Fibrechannel, as well as SONET/SDH up to 2.5 Gb/s.

The OE425 and OE455 are ProBus® modules compatible with WaveProand Waverunner oscilloscopes as well as WaveMaster instruments when used with a LPA-BNC adapter.

The OE525 and OE555 are ProLink® modules compatible with WaveMaster,SDA and DDA instruments

Universal Calibrated Reference Receivers

The O/E converters contain calibration data that can be used to create optical reference receivers for SONET/SDH (up to OC48/STM16), Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet and other optical standards. This feature is available when the O/E is used on a WaveMaster series oscilloscope. This universal reference receiver supports any data rate up to 3 GHz and remains calibrated on any channel of any WaveMaster.