Serial Data Mask Package

SDA II Unleash the power of serial data analysis to understand and characterize your design, prove compliance, and determine why a device or host fails compliance.
SDAIII-CompleteLinQ signaling, designers of serial data systems require multi-lane analysis. Unleash the power of multi-lane SDA analysis to perform eye and jitter measurements on up to four lanes, simultaneously.
CBL-DE-EMBED Remove cable effects from your measurements
Eye Doctor II Eye Doctor II provides the channel emulation and de-embedding tools that engineers need for the next generation of serial data standards
PAM4 PAM4 signaling represents a new step in the evolution of serial data signal formats, overcoming some fundamental limitations of traditional NRZ signaling. But with new signal types come new measurement needs. Teledyne LeCroy’s PAM4 analysis package meets these needs by leveraging industry-leading eye, jitter and noise analysis capabilities to perform eye, jitter and noise analysis of PAM4 signals.
SDM Serial Data Mask Package
VirtualProbe By using VirtualProbe, you can understand the characteristics of signals where a physical probe cannot be placed, such as inside of a package or at the end of an interconnect that doesn't physically exist. You can choose to remove effects caused by elements such as fixtures that are not be present in a production configuration, and also add the effects of a device that is to be included but for which only an S-parameter model exists. Use in conjunction with SDAIII products to complete your serial data analysis solution set.
WPHD-SDAIII-COMPLETELINQ Multi-Lane SDA LinQ incl. Eye, Jitter, Noise, Xtalk Meas, EyeDrII & VirtualProbe for WavePro HD
WPHD-EYEDRII-VP Bundle - EyeDrII and VirtualProbe Toolkits
WPHD-EYEDRII Signal Integrity Toolkit - Channel & Fixture De-embedding/Emulation, Tx/Rx Equalization
WPHD-VIRTUALPROBE Advanced De-embedding, Emulation and Virtual Probing Toolkit
WPHD-SDM Serial Data Mask Software Package for WavePro HD
WPHD-CBL-DE-EMBED Cable De-Embedding Option for WavePro HD
Leading Features

Software clock recovery eliminates trigger jitter

Measure data rates up to 3.5 Gb/s

Automatic mask alignment

Adjustable mask margins

Creation of user-defined masks

Eye pattern of FC1063 optical signal
The SDM serial data mask package for Teledyne LeCroy WaveMaster series, WavePro 7000 series, WaveRunner 6000 and 6000A series and VBA adds eye pattern mask testing capability to the instrument. The user selects compliance masks from a comprehensive list of standards and the eye pattern is tested against this mask. User-defined masks are also possible by simply editing the included Microsoft™ Access2000™ data base file. The eye pattern is automatically aligned with the compliance mask.

The SDM package measures eye patterns by acquiring a long record of waveform data from the data stream under test. Once in the oscilloscope’s memory, a software algorithm computes a reference clock from the signal data which tracks the long-term variations in the data rate in the same way as a “golden” PLL does in hardware. The loop bandwidth of this software golden PLL is adjustable as a ratio of the measured bit rate. This ratio is variable from 1/20 to 1/10,000. Mask violations are counted and indicated by red circles in the display. The mask margins are adjustable both vertically and horizontally.

All of the data for the eye pattern are collected in a single acquisition thus completely eliminating any trigger jitter from the measurement.

SDM – Serial Data Mask Software Technical Specifications

Software Clock Recovery

PLL bandwidth:  .05 to 10-5 of thedata rate 
Jitter:  1ps RMS typical (based on the WaveMaster sampling clock stability)
Data rates:  Less than 3.5Gb/s

Standard Masks

Ethernet IEEE Std. 802.3 and ANSI X3.263-1995
1000base-SX short wave optical
1000 base-LX long wave optical 
Fibre Channel electrical 
FC133E, FC266E,FC531E,FC1063E
Fibre Channel optical
IEEE1394b (draft)
S400 Optical 
S400b T1
S400b T2
S800 Optical
S800b T1
S800b T2
S1600 Optical
S1600b T1
S1600b T2
Serial ATA (draft) 
G1, G1 Rx, G1 Tx
G2, G2 Rx, G2 Tx
DVI (rev. 1.0)
Transmit normalized, 
Receiver Low/high
Infiniband (draft) 
2.5Gb/s Optical 
2.5 Gb/s Electrical