Advanced Math Package

ET-PMT Electrical Telecom Mask Test Package
Advanced Debug Toolkit Advanced Debug Toolkit
ADVTRIG Advanced Trigger Package
ATP Advanced Trigger Package
CIS CIS time base (500 fs RMS jitter) (cannot be ordered with WE-HCIS)
EMC Understanding an electronic design's susceptibility to Electronmagnetic (EM) discharge is an important element of validation. Whether fast one time event transients or repetitive bursts EM can introduce unexpected events in the circuit performance. Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscopes offer high sample rates and measurements tailored specifically to this task. Whether one pulse or billions of measurements engineers gain insight into their device and system suseptibility.
Function Generator for WaveSurfer 3000 Function Generator for WaveSurfer 3000
HCIS High Stability CIS Timebase
HDTV-TRIG HDTV Trigger for 1080i, 1080p and 720p Formats
MATHSURF MathSurfer Extended Math
Optical-LinQ The world leading OpticalLinQ software for analysis of optically modulated signals can now be used with any coherent optical receiver (including the Teledyne LeCroy IQS series of receivers). Users can select a wide variety of analysis views and parametric measurements to gain a complete understanding of their optical signal path.
SMAP Surface Map Software
Spectrum Analyzer Option Spectrum analyzer style user interface with controls for start/stop frequency or center frequency and span. Utilize up to 20 markers to automatically identify harmonics and quickly analyze frequency content. Monitor how the spectrum changes over time by viewing the spectrogram in 2D or 3D.
STAT Statistics Package
VBA9000 Vehicle Bus Analyzer The VBA9000 with HD1024 Technology provides exceptional signal fidelity with 10-bit resolution, 4 GHz bandwidth and a superior oscilloscope experience to deliver faster time to insight.
VectorLinQ VSA Package Signal Analysis (VSA) options provide an extensive toolset for demodulation and analysis of RF and IQ modulated signals. These tools provide deep insight into advanced signal types with maximum measurement flexibility and sophisticated signal visualization. The intuitive user interface is easy to set up and allows for user customization to meet the needs of even the most complex signals.
WAVA WaveAnalyzer Pro Analysis Package
XDEV Advanced Customization Package
XMAP Master Analysis Package (XMATH + XDEV + JTA2)
XMATH Advanced Math Package
XVAP Value Analysis Package ( XWAV + JTA2)
XWAV Intermediate Math Package
WPHD-EMC EMC Pulse Parameter Software Package for WavePro HD
WPHD-ET-PMT Electrical Telecom Pulse Mask Test Package for WavePro HD
WPHD-SPECTRUM Spectrum Analyzer and Advanced FFT Option for WavePro HD
WPHD-VECTORLINQ VectorLinQ Vector Signal Analysis
WPHD-XDEV Advanced Customization Option
T3DSO2000-FG Программная опция генератора сигналов (ФГ + СПФ), частота дискретизации 125 Мвыб/с, диапазон до 25 МГц (синус), разрешение 1 мкГц.
T3DSO1000-FG Программная опция генератора сигналов (ФГ + СПФ), 25 МГц.
T3DSO1000-WIFI Программная опция WIFI для серии осциллографов T3DSO1000 с 4 каналами.
T3SA3000-ADM Программная опция для T3SA3100 и T3SA3200, расширенные измерительные функции
T3SA3000-EMI Программная опция для ЭМС измерений: фильтры ЭМС 200 Гц, 9 кГц, 120 кГц (-6 дБ); квазипиковый детектор.
T3SA3000-RFM Программная опция “Рефлектометр”: измерение коэффициента стоячей волны (VSWR) и коэффициента затухания (обратных потерь).
T3SA3000-TG Программная опция трекинг генератора: 100 кГц…2100 МГц (для T3SA3100), 100 кГц…3200 МГц (для T3SA3200); выходной уровень: -20 дБм…0 дБм (разрешение 1 дБ).
Leading Features
  • Complete set of comprehensive signal analysis tools
  • Expanded histogram functions
  • Enhanced FFT capabilities
  • Track graphs of any measurement parameter
  • Trend up to 1 million events
  • Persistence Functions
  • Parameter math – add, subtract, multiply or divide two different parameters
  • Auto-correlation function
  • Cubic, Linear, and Sin X/X interpolation functions
  • Narrow-band power measurements
  • Sparse function
  • Up to 8 different math functions

Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscopes offer measurement and analysis capabilities that help you to solve your complicated design problems. Along with Teledyne LeCroy’s X-Stream architecture that yields fast update results of one measurement or a chain of operations, Teledyne LeCroy offers many advanced software options to target your specific applications. With 8 unique display areas, you can view signals, analyzed functions, measurements, histograms and statistics all at the same time, giving you the ultimate view of what is happening in your circuit.

Advanced Math Capability
The XMATH Advanced Math Package for Teledyne LeCroy XStream Oscilloscopes provides a comprehensive set of signal WaveShape Analysis tools that provide insight into the shape of complex signals. XMATH includes expanded histogram functions, Trend and Track, enhanced FFT capabilities, and Parameter math. XMATH lets you perform these operations over the whole signal, whether 250 points or 100 million waveform points.

Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
XMATH coupled with Teledyne LeCroy’s X-Stream architecture includes enhanced FFT capabilities which allow you to do an FFT on up to 50M input points and with 5 different windows. For frequency power at a given point, XMATH provides narrow power measurements. The FFT function’s display of the frequency content of your signal will give you insight into potential problems within your circuit. Teledyne LeCroy’s Math on Zoom capability lets you single out roblem areas of your signal and analyze the frequency content while seeing the live measure result updating on the screen.

An understanding of statistical variations in parameter values tells you about the range or variation of a measurement. A well controlled design will have a narrow mean and distribution of measurements. Often, knowing the average, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation of the parameter may be enough, but a more detailed understanding of the distribution of a parameter’s values can help an engineer locate anomalous behavior in a design.

Parameter Math
A parameter is a numerical result calculated on a signal. XMATH allows you to do math on Parameters. You Can Add, Subtract, Multiply, or divide two different parameters to extend the abilities of the scope. For example, you are able to take a measurement of the voltage of a signal and divide that by the current of the signal to find the resistance. With XMATH the result can be renamed and it displays live on the screen.

Persistence Functions
XMATH includes the ability to further process persistence waveform data. For example, by creating a new trace as the mean of a persistence waveform you are able to analyze the data using the parameters on the oscilloscope.

Other Features
XMATH also gives you over 20 more parameters. For example, with the Trend function you are able to trend up to 1 million events. Another example is the Auto-Correlation function which will help separate your periodic signal from noise. All of these tools are designed to help engineers efficiently analyze and ensure the integrity of their design.