Dual-pol Coherent Optical Receiver, 25 GHz.

IQS-CL C+L band laser option for IQS42 or IQS70
Key Features
Up to 65 GHz system bandwidth
Up to 130 GBaud detectable baud rate
Up to 160 GS/s sample rate
Real-time acquisition for testing of coherent modulated optical communications links
Built-in dispersion compensation, polarization de-multiplexing, and carrier recovery algorithms
Supports DP-QPSK, DP-16QAM, and a wide variety of other PSK and QAM formats
Support for custom modulation formats
Built-in local oscillator
Adaptive calibration – Receiver can be disconnected and reconnected without factory calibration

Industry leading system bandwidth

The 70 GHz IQS70 Coherent Optical Receiver pairs with the LabMaster 10-65Zi-A oscilloscope to provide an unrivalled system bandwidth of 65 GHz, enabling analysis of signals up to 130 GBaud symbol rate.

For standard applications, the 42 GHz IQS42 Coherent Optical Receiver provides up to 72 GBaud symbol rate analysis for DP-16QAM or DP-QPSK when used with the 36 GHz LabMaster 10-36Zi-A.

For low-rate applications, the 25 GHz IQS25 Coherent Optical Receiver paired with the LabMaster 10-25Zi-A oscilloscope provides cost-effective analysis up to 46 GBaud symbol rate.

Fully scalable architecture with built-in flexilbility

With optical communications advancing at a rapid pace, equipment requirements are vast and ever-changing. It is critical that an OMA system be scalable to address tomorrow’s modulation formats and data rates. Rather than a monolithic, restrictive instrument, the Teledyne LeCroy OMA solution is a set of building blocks that can be easily upgraded and supplemented to address future test challenges.

Cost-effective 100G Analysis with the IQS25

As 100G technologies move into the commercial mainstream, requirements for cost-effective testing of 28 – 32 Gbaud components are growing. Teledyne LeCroy addresses this with the combination of the LabMaster 10-25Zi-A and the IQS25 25 GHz optical modulation analyzer, providing the most complete 100G characterization at an extremely competitive price.

Seamless System Architecture

The Teledyne LeCroy IQS Coherent Optical Receivers leverage a system architecture that allows pairing of the coherent optical receiver with any compatible Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope without any factory calibration. All required calibrations are built into Coherent Receiver and performed at the time of measurement. This architecture also enables the easiest upgrade path in the industry –add an additional or faster acquisition module to the oscilloscope, connect the IQS receiver, and resume analysis!

Seamless Multi-Module Configuration

Teledyne LeCroy’s ChannelSync™ architecture ensures superior timing accuracy, by design. Using a single 10 GHz distributed clock for all acquisition modules enables the lowest jitter between all channels, the simplest integration and connection and the highest confidence in results. The single oscilloscope display gives easy access to all channels and analysis results, regardless of the number of acquisition modules.

Seamless Software Integration

Optical-LinQ is an intuitive and fully integrated software package for analysis of optically modulated signals. It runs entirely within the user interface of the LabMaster 10Zi-A. No other OMA on the market offers such integrated control of both oscilloscope and coherent receiver.

Optical-LinQ provides fully automated control of the IQS receiver, phase recovery algorithms, polarization demultiplexing, as well as an exhaustive number of modulation analysis displays and parameters.