Высоковольтный дифференциальный пробник 1 кВ, 400 В, 100 MГц 

HVD3102 Высоковольтный дифференциальный пробник, 1кВ, 25 МГц
HVD3102-NOACC Высоковольтный дифференциальный пробник без наконечника, 1кВ, 25 МГц
HVD3106 Высоковольтный дифференциальный пробник, 1кВ, 120 МГц
HVD3106-NOACC Высоковольтный дифференциальный пробник без наконечника, 1кВ, 120 MГц
HVD3106-6M Высоковольтный дифференциальный пробник с 6 метровым кабелем, 1кВ, 80 MГц
HVD3206 Высоковольтный дифференциальный пробник, 2кВ, 120 MГц
HVD3206-6M Высоковольтный дифференциальный пробник, 2кВ, 120 MГц
HVD3605 Высоковольтный дифференциальный пробник, 6 кВ, 100 MГц
AP031 Высоковольтный дифференциальный пробник (÷10, ÷100), 700 В, 25 MГц
ADP300 Высоковольтный дифференциальный пробник, 1 кВ, 400 В, 20 МГц
ADP305 Высоковольтный дифференциальный пробник 1 кВ, 400 В, 100 MГц
Leading Specifications
  • 20 MHz and 100 MHz bandwidth
  • 1,000 VRMS common mode voltage
  • 1,400 Vpeak differential voltage
  • EN61010 Cat III
  • 80dB CMRR at 50/60 Hz
  • ProBus® system
  • Full remote control
  • Compatible with LC Series, LT Series, WS 400 Series, WS Xs Series, WR6000(A) Series, WR Xi Series, WP 900 Series, WP7000(A) Series

ADP30X high-voltage active differential probes are safe, easy-to-use probes ideally suited for measuring power electronics. The ADP300 is good for troubleshooting low-frequency power devices and other circuits where the reference potential is elevated from ground or the location of ground is unknown. The ADP305 is designed for measuring the high-speed floating voltages found in today''s high-speed power electronics.

With the ProBus® interface, the ADP30X becomes an integral part of the oscilloscope.

The attenuation, offset, and bandwidth limit are all controlled from the oscilloscope front panel or by using the remote control commands. This means the complete measurement setup can be saved and recalled by the oscilloscope, and all measurement values will be correct. The scope provides power to the probe, so there is no need to worry about a separate power supply or changing batteries.

The ADP30X offset can be easily set to zero by pushing a button in the oscilloscope''s coupling menu, even when connected to live circuits. This makes it easy to get accurate measurements.

Meets EN61010 Category III Requirements
Safety is the top priority when you work around high-voltage signals. The ADP300 and ADP305 are both designed to the standards required for Installation Category III. This means in addition to being used on appliances and portable equipment (Cat II), they can be used in fixed-installation environments.

Teledyne LeCroy high voltage differential probes provide high CMRR over a broad frequency range to simplify the measurement challenges found in noisy, high common-mode power electronics environments.The probe’s design is easy-to-use and enables safe, precise high voltage floating measurements.

The HVD3000 series of high voltage differential probes cover the fullest range of applications, from 120/240 V switch-mode power supplies through 600 V class and 5 kV class electricalapparatus. The table below provides a list of recommended probe models based on specific device under test applications.

Device Under Test Recommended Model Safety Class Bandwidth Cable Length Tip Accessories Included
120 V/240 V Half-Bridge Circuit Topologies HVD3102 1 kV 25 MHz 2 m Yes
HVD3102-NOACC 1 kV 25 MHz 2 m No
HVD3106 1 kV 120 MHz 2 m Yes
HVD3106-NOACC 1 kV 120 MHz 2 m No
380 V - 600 V Class Electrical Apparatus HVD3106 1 kV 120 MHz 2 m Yes
HVD3106-NOACC 1 kV 120 MHz 2 m No
HVD3106-6M 1 kV 80 MHz 6 m Yes
Solar PV Inverter HVD3106 1 kV 120 MHz 2 m Yes
HVD3206 2 kV 120 MHz 2 m Yes
HVD3206-6M 2 kV 80 MHz 6 m Yes
5 kV Electrical Apparatus HVD3605 8.485 kV 100 MHz 6 m Yes

Key Features

  • 1 kV CAT safety rated
  • Exceptional common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) across a broad frequency range
  • 1% gain accuracy
  • High offset capability at both high and low attenuation
  • AC or DC coupling
  • ProBus active probe interface with automatic scaling
  • Auto-zero capabilities
  • Wide oscilloscope compatibility

Widest Application Coverage

The HVD310x high voltage differential probe covers a wide range of applications, from 120/240 V switch-mode power supplies through 600 V class electrical apparatus. It is the only 1 kV safety rated probe that serves the full 600 V class requirement.

Exceptional Common-Mode Rejection Ratio

The CMRR for the probes is exceptional out to very high frequencies, greatly improving measurement capability in noisy, high common-mode environments found in power electronics. The high CMRR combined with low probe noise and high offset capability makes the probes capable of measuring very small control signals floating on high common-mode voltages.

High Precision Measurements

HVD probes provide 1% gain accuracy enabling precise voltage measurements. AutoZero capability ensures further measurement precision by allowing small offset drifts to be calibrated out of the measurement

Complete Probe Integration

The ProBus interface provides power and communication to the probe eliminating the need for a separate power supply or batteries. Attenuation is automatically selected based on oscilloscope gain range (V/div) setting.

Main Specifications

Attenuation ÷100 or ÷1000, automatically selected by scope
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