50 MHz low capacitance Passive Differential Probe Pair
DA1855A High-performance 100 MHz Differential Amplifier
DXC100A Selectable 100:1 or 10:1 , Passive Differential Probe Pair
DXC200 50 MHz low capacitance Passive Differential Probe Pair
DXC-5100 100:1, 2.5KV Passive High Voltage Probe Pair
DA101 10:1, 1 MOhm Passive Attenuator
DA1855A-PR2 2 Ch, 100 MHz Differential Amplifier with fast over drive recovery, calibrated offset, and selectable LP filters
DA1855A-PR2-RM Rack mountable version of the DA1855A-PR2
DA1855A-RM DA1855A with rackmount
Differential amplifiers are intended to act as signal conditioning preamplifiers for oscilloscopes and network and spectrum analyzers, providing differential measurement capability to instruments having only a single-ended input. The "-PR2" version of each amplifier is a dual channel unit. The DXC series differential input cables are matched to the characteristics of the amplifier.
Model DXC200
Leading Features
DC to 50 MHz with DA1855A
DC to 10MHz with DA1822A
Max Input Voltage
500 V (Limited to Amplifier Max Input Voltage)
x1 Differential Probe Pair
0.7 Meter Cable Length
The DXC200 is a pair of x1 probes matched for differential measurement applications. The DXC200 is designed to minimize capacitance loading (compared to coaxial cable) while still maintaining practical probe-to-circuit attachment. Full DA1800 series amplifier gain and Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) are maintained. The full gain capability of the DA1800 Series is available at the probe tip. The DXC200 allows the user to take advantage of the DA1800 series''s 100 M(ohm) input resistance setting.

Main Specifications

Bandwidth (-3 dB) 50MHz 
(-3 dB) 10MHz (DA1820/DA1822)

Electrical Characteristics

Risetime (typical) 7 ns (DA1850/DA1855), 35ns (DA1820/DA1822)
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